Wind Infrastructure

Wind Infrastructure

Wind energy is a very good alternative to fossil fuels and is growing at a very good rate. Wind turbine Inspection is traditionally done using telephoto lenses, binoculars which are very crude and do not provide accurate representation of faults. Drones can fill the technology gap for Wind Turbine Inspection.

Payloads Option


Dent | Delamination | Cracks | Paint Peel-off | Lightning Strike Damage | Bird Strike Damage | Vortex Generator Issues | Fiber Wrinkles


Preventive maintenance of Wind turbines achieved through regular inspection using drones can help in getting accurate condition of Blades | Generators | Warranty Issues | Insurance | improve condition of blades and prevent unexpected shutdowns

  1. Autonomous and Speedy Inspection of Wind Turbine Blades.
  2. Real-time Detection of Dust.
  3. Cracks and Defects.
  4. Pre-feasibility Topography Survey.
  5. Site Design Survey.