Solar Plants

Solar Plants

The Global Installed Capacity of Solar Arrays is 300GW. Performance Maintenance and Power loss reduction is possible through the regular inspections. Image feeds of the drone can be used to inspect the panels without manual intervention. The deliverable output of solar panels decreases at up to 3% each year. To prevent energy production drop, timely identification of the faults is important.

Payloads Option


Improper Racking and Balancing Identification | Systems Faults Identifiable by Infrared Images


The process of manual inspection is time consuming and inefficient. The drones mounted with Infra-red cameras can identify location of the faults in a very short time. The reduction in cost and time for solar panel inspection can be at least 50% compared to the conventional techniques.

  1. Autonomous Inspection and Thermal Audit of Entire Plant and Sub-station.
  2. Autonomous Identification of Cracks and Hot-spots.
  3. Cell and Diode Rupture Detection.
  4. Pre-feasibility Topography Survey.
  5. Site Design Survey.