Power Line Infrastructure

Power Line Infrastructure

The length of the of power transmission lines globally is 7 million circuit kilometers and is increasing due to the increasing energy needs. The reliability of the power line towers is required to be maintained at a high level and this requires continuous inspection of the infrastructure. Manual Inspection of these assets is costly and time consuming.

Payloads Option


Image and Video Feed | AI Processed Video Feed Reflecting Type of Faults | Maps Showing Locations and Types of Faults


The power line tower inspection carried out using Infrared cameras helps in detecting hot-spots | Damaged components | Bus-bar damage | Insulator damage | Joint failures in very low time without risking the lives of personnel | The inspection carried out helps in ensuring preventive maintenance to be conducted

  1. Asset Mapping and GIS Survey.
  2. Right of Way and Pre-feasibility Survey for Planning.
  3. Stringing of Power-lines and Hardware.
  4. Structural Anomaly Detection.