Oil And Gas Inspection

Oil And Gas Inspection

Inspection technique reduce downtime and shutdowns with complete drone inspection solutions and provides the information’s of oil and gas plants inspection report.

Payloads Option


Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Infrastructure Inspections | Thermal Inspection using Thermal Cam | Oil rig and platform inspections and surveys | Oil &Gas pipeline inspections | Onshore oil and gas plant surveys | Flaring operations and flare boom inspections | Coatings surveys | Stack Inspections and survey | Splash Zone monitoring for operations | Internal Tank Inspection | Chimney & Cooling Tower Inspection | Structural Inspection | Vent Stack & Exhaust Inspection | Refinery and Storage Internal/External Tank Inspections



Manual inspections require shutting down some operations, hence reducing production and revenue | Access to hard-to-reach areas and dangerous locations | Improving visibility and safety | Low cost and better data acquisition | Smooth and faster data flow | High quality images

  1. Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Infrastructure detailed inspection Digital  Report.
  2. Thermal Report of the oil and Gas Pipe Lines.
  3. 3D point cloud model.
  4. 360 degree panoramic images.
  5. Orthophotos.
  6. Anomalies Report like Corrosion, leaks and other.
  7. High quality Aerial images and Aerial Videos of oil and gas Plant.
  8. Lidar Point cloud Data