Mining Plants

Mining Plants

The mining industry is growing at a significant rate to meet the energy and construction requirements of the developing countries. The industry is hazardous and risky to the human operators. Drones can help in generating Geo-referenced images that helps in quickly converting to 3D models from which various insights can be arrived. The traffic planning in the industry also requires support from the drones.

Payloads Option


Real Time Footage | Site Inspection | Inventory Tracking | Security and Surveillance | Potential Threat | Combustion Areas | Drill Planning | Route Optimization


Low cost Surveillance | Efficient operations Monitoring | Reduce risk to personnel through identification of problem locations

  1. 2D and 3D GIS Mapping of entire mine with accurate contour and topography survey.
  2. Earthwork calculations for stockpile estimation.
  3. Survey for accurate drilling and blasting.
  4. Autonomous project monitoring and reporting.
  5. Illegal mining activities monitoring.
  6. Land use reporting- reclamation, sump, overburdened,etc