Cellular Infrastructure

Cellular Infrastructure

Cellular towers are essential to Communication, whether it is commercial or defense. regular maintenance is required for the smooth functioning of these towers. Difficulties arise when the towers are in high and not so easily accessible locations in India and around the world. With the help of drones we can deploy them to these difficult to reach areas and assess the situation before venturing forth. It decreases maintenance cost and safer as well with more reliable and accurate data.

Payloads Option


Image and Video Feed with Geo tagging | Orthomosiac Maps | 3D Models


Safer to deploy drone to scout ahead | More cheaper than manned mission | More reliable and accurate data

  1. High Resolution Assets 2D Mapping.
  2. 3D Modelling and CAD-BIM Integration Services.
  3. Project Inspection & Real-time Defect Detection with Thermal and IR Inspection for Asset Auditing.