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Utm Uas Traffic Management

UTM is how airspace will be managed to enable multiple drone operations conducted beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS), where air traffic services are not provided.


With UTM, there will be a cooperative interaction between drone operators and the FAA to determine and communicate real-time airspace status.

Paras Aerospace is developing first of its kind cloud based UTM UAS system that will enable all players of the Drone Ecosystem become compliant to Flight Regulations as per the Regulatory guidelines of DGCA. The system is under development and please email info@parasaerospace.com for partnership opportunity.

"Real UTM services are already starting to be implemented. The system we’ve put in place today and over the next few years will be the one that’s in place for decades to come. It will affect the next generation of people using the air traffic control system"

-Joe Polastre, Airbus UTM, Head of UTM Products