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Perimeter Inspection

It can be hard to protect large perimeters and to be sure that there are no artifacts or people hidden anywhere on the ground. Perimeter inspection with on-the-ground guards conducting repeated patrols and surveillance around the perimeter or on locations are activities that involve a detailed description and viewpoint of the monitored area while maintaining one's calm.

Getting a drone on-site sharing the video stream with workers at a control center will provide an additional overview when visibility is limited because of either low light or obstacles, and provide an emergency link and an easy-to-share connection to the real-time stream of the perimeter authorities to the safety guard on-site.

The Problem

No Airspace Co-Ordination and Control for Authorities and Integrated End to End solution


The Solution

Our Integrated platform overcomes the existing limitations on distance and flight time. It seamlessly hot swaps drones of any type, creating true 24X7 air continuity. For customised Perimeter Inspection solutions, please contact Paras Aerospace at