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Anomaly Detection
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Anomaly Detection

Detection of anomalies is a data mining phase that identifies data points, events, and/or findings that deviate from the normal behaviour of a dataset. Important occurrences, such as a technological glitch, or future opportunities, such as a shift in customer behaviour, may be signalled by anomalous results.

The detection of anomalies is applicable in a number of domains, such as detection of intrusions, detection of fraud, detection of faults, monitoring of system health, detection of events in sensor networks and detection of ecosystem disturbances. In pre-processing, it is also used to delete anomalous data from the dataset.

Paras Aerospace has developed Cloud based Machine Learning Algorithms Backend which can be used for various applications. Anomaly Detection Software which is a sub component of the system is fit for use on detection of Anomalies on Powerline Applications and Solar Field Inspections. For custom requirements of Anomaly Detection Software, Please contact Paras Aerospace at

  • Powerline Inspection and cell Tower

Artificial intelligence algorithms that are qualified to detect crossovers at the bottom of transmission lines, buildings and construction equipment automatically process and analyse acquired data.

  • Agriculture

According to the UN Organization for Food and Agriculture, by 2050, the population will rise by 2 billion. Nonetheless, just by then, 4 percent more land would be cultivated.

Use of the new technical solutions in Agriculture allow more productive farming remains one of the key imperatives. Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) sees a lot of direct implementation, it can also introduce a paradigm shift across industries in how we see Today's farming. Not only will AI-powered solutions allow for in order to do more with less, farmers would also increase quality and Ensure the crops go to market quicker.

In accordance with a recent PWC report, the overall addressable market forDrone-based systems are $127.3 billion around the globe and for Agriculture accounts for $32.4 billion.Drone-based agricultural technologies have a lot of importance in farmingTerms of control of adverse weather conditions, performanceGains, precision farming and the control of yield

  • Solar and wind inspection

According to a recent paper published by DNV GL, AI will increasingly automate operations in the coming years in the solar and wind industries and boost efficiencies across the renewable energy sector.

The monitoring of solar photovoltaic power plants is an important task that could allow operation and maintenance to be successful. Active monitoring and frequent maintenance will increase the production efficiency of the photovoltaic plant and assist with fair or better returns on the investments made.

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