Uav Photogrammetry

Uav Photogrammetry

UAV photogrammetry is an evolving technology that provides very-high-resolution Orthoimages, Digital Surface Modelsand point clouds for representing terrain morphology.

Photogrammetric projects are becoming easier due to introduction of UAVs that provides flexible route planning, on-board GNSS navigation devices etc.

Photogrammetric software has also developed by using Structure from Motion (SfM) algorithm to capture the images by sensors on-board UAVs, working in visible, infrared, multispectral, and hyperspectral wavelengths.

Through the use UAV photogrammetry the following can be extracted from the imagery:

  1. DEM / DTM / DSM (surface models)
  2. Orthophotos and Orthomosaics
  3. 3D Building Models
  4. Contour Maps
  5. Planimetric Surveys
  6. Volumetric Surveys

Paras Aerospace Domain of Photogrammetry addresses the following domains

  1. Forestry Management and Planning
  2. Flood Modelling
  3. Pollution Modelling
  4. Mapping and Cartography
  5. Urban Planning
  6. Coastline Management
  7. Transport Planning
  8. Oil and Gas Exploration
  9. Quarries and Minerals (Volumetrics and Exploration)
  10. Archaeology
  11. Cellular Network Planning